Friday, 13 April 2012

Transitional frustation

I have lots of ideas for my MA site design thingy - I know what I want to do - so why do I find it so hard to make the transition between thought and masterplan creation?

Am I missing a trick or merely a bit rubbish at this?  Not a great thought - hopefully it's just some kind of mid-afternoon crisis or something ...  or I'm in serious trouble.

And one clap of thunder approximately every half an hour does not make a storm - make your mind up weather!


  1. No you are not missing anything, it is just a struggle. I spent two weeks trying to get the master plan done.

    Done but not really that happy, have to move on.

    Its a grind sometimes.

    It is a MA not supposed to be easy!


  2. Thanks Grant, self-doubt is a marvellous thing(?)

    Fair point about not being an easy option and good luck with yours, I'm sure it's better than you think.