Friday, 13 April 2012

Spring site visit

Following sensible advice to go outside, I visited Cane Hill a couple of weeks ago with my sister and, courtesy of a very pleasant security guard, gained access to most of the site.  Apparently neither of us look like a) squatters, or b) lead thieves - hurrah!  Admittedly, we did have to promise not to scale any fences - not really likely on my part as I had chosen to wear an inappropriate outfit for a site visit, unlike my suitably clad sister.  But where's the challenge in that?

Anyway, as I'm still currently struggling with deciding upon suitable, non-bland yet not ridiculously patterned, layouts for my proposed live/work scheme, I though I'd post a few photos of the day (note the stunningly clear, blue sky). 

NB: The quality of some of the images has been reduced due to compression.
Primary route, looking north towards Coulsdon Town Centre
Access from the A23 (note Debbie not wearing a floaty sundress for scrabbling amongst overgrown shrubbery, but playing with her mobile ... again)

Buses once serviced Cane Hill
View of Farthing Downs from Cane Hill
SW wing of the Admin Block built with yellow London stock bricks, typical for the asylum

The imprisoned Water Tower, spiky fences discourage exploration
An enormous but very healthy-looking laurel hedge - landscapers have ventured this way before ...

Chapel & Admin Block (on left), viewed from slope
Derelict building - has a day care/occupational therapy centre look.  Wandered through a gap between trees before sighting the surrounding fences ... oops
The building was evidently in use in 2001

Remember to maintain your pond, else silting up may occur

Water Tower again, note the relatively level ground (unlike most of the site)

After chatting with friendly security man, I believe this may have been a doctor's residence (i.e. further away from the hospital than the nurse's quarters)

Water Tower from another vantage point - and no, we didn't scale the fence

Cane Hill Asylum: a village in itself

Now that's not exactly politically correct, is it?
We chose Brighton Road, handy for Lion Green Road car park
And another one for the landscapers - 'recently' planted trees with evidence of a root irrigation system

We also spotted deer on site but sadly failed to get a decent picture due to their lurking in wooded areas, coupled with my wobbling about on a steep slope above them.

After leaving Cane Hill we decided to pop over to neighbouring Farthing Downs and take some pictures of the view from there.  In hindsight, a less floaty dress would've been good for such a, by late afternoon, windy location.  Trying to preserve your modesty whilst taking photographs whilst buffeted by a strong breeze isn't easy ... sorry dogwalkers.

View towards Cane Hill (includes the fields on the left-hand-side) from Farthing Downs
Sadly, possibly due to being the end of March, no refreshments were available so we stopped for an (unanticipated) ice-cream in nearby Marlpit Lane park before trekking home.  Fun was had by all ...

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