Monday, 21 May 2012

Confidence boost

Last week I spent a day back with my previous employer, helping the very pleasant lady who eventually replaced me, to prepare for the impending audit season: quality, environmental and, to a much lesser degree, H&S.

Although initially a little odd to return as a visitor (my turn to be waited on - fabulous!), after the pressure of the past couple of weeks it offered an unexpected morale boost.  It's always gratifying to have your work appreciated, especially the elements you'd forgotten about.

Sad though it may sound, my favourite moment was definitely the rediscovery of a little spreadsheet/chart combo inspired by last year's BA 'Green Engineering' course.  Nothing too exciting but I'd not only calculated the vehicle fleet's annual fuel usage in kgCO2e but also in barrels of oil, courtesy of  It's always nice to find a chance to transfer skills/knowledge.

And strangely enough, the new lady's daughter is also studying landscape architecture (but not at Greenwich) - small world!

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